Update 1.1.0 — "Post-Con Depression"

Pizza Game Demo version 1.1.0 is now available. The full version is out tomorrow!

Patch notes

  • Game actually uses the intended save folder now, so Cloud Saves should now be working properly. In addition, if you have multiple pizzas on your system they will now share save data.
  • Full version post-credits results screen shows a proper letter grade now.
  • (Bugfix) Black void bug fixed which caused general fuckery after achieving an ending or gameover with a messed up call stack, most notably if you take the tutorial photo of Mr. Arimnaes.
  • (Bugfix) Arim Day 4 - Taking multiple pictures while Inner Me is alone in the classroom will trigger multiple dialogues as intended
  • (Bugfix) Arim Day 5 - Battle boat QTE is playable again.
  • (Bugfix) True Route now uses an icon on Discord RPC.
  • (Bugfix) Various game-crashing and file path-related typos fixed.
  • Added missing Lamp line subtitle and some missing translatable strings.


Pizza Game Demo 97 MB
Version 1.1.0 Sep 03, 2019

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