Update 1.4.0 ⁠— "Crouching Roobit, Hidden Sensei"

Hello pizzas!

Starting in version 1.4.0 (this one btw DUH get a brain), any time spent in the game will allow you to randomly earn Roobit Snacks! When you have some Roobit Snacks, enter Roobit Mode from the main menu using the brand new button and give them to Roobit to increase her affection for you!

If you have any questions you'd like to see Roobit answer, let me know in the comments or in the official Pizza Game Discord.

I hope I did not break the game! Again!!

Patch Notes

  • Playing the game has a random chance of awarding Roobit Snacks, which you can use in the all-new Roobit Mode to raise affection with Roobit!

Quality of Life Changes

  • Game will prompt you for confirmation when deleting a save file.
  • The scrollbar has returned to the scene select screen.

Bug Fixes

  • Continue button no longer crosses itself out when you return to main menu.
  • Going to True Route Day 1 from scene select shows all windows/images properly.
  • Rollback after the Sensei stealth sequence is fixed.
  • Taking a picture is disabled for a while in the True Route if Mr. Arim takes your camera. You also get it back shortly after.
  • True Route now properly registers completion.
  • Arim route post-credits message about where you bought Pizza Game is fixed since I spaced out and wrote the wrong thing.
  • Joke where Lamp offers you a chance to go to the Lamp route at the Twist Shop has been removed because it caused WEIRD PROBLEMS???
  • Something something inventory bug


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Version 1.4.0 Sep 12, 2019

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  • What was traveling to Earth like?
  • Where did she get that doll?
  • What's the closest thing there is to a Sensei on the moon, is it safe there, is there still hope