Patch 1.2.0 — "Remember to take your meds"

I have a confession to make.

All of you have already played Pizza Game. It was so bad that once you finished it, you went in for experimental brain surgery to purge all memories of the horrific experience. I'm sorry for lying to all of you, and charging you another $9.99 to play it.

... Just kidding! Pizza Game accidentally shipped with some dev save data if you didn't already have pizza save data on your computer from an earlier version of the game, oops! If you are experiencing problems related to getting achievements, the Scrapbook screen crashing, or data being unlocked, go into Extras and commit Honorable Data Seppuku in order to start fresh. Alternatively, if you have save files you don't want to remove, you can try opening the folder your installation is in and removing the game -> saves directory.

Patch notes

  • Saving is now disabled during Chris route battles to avoid GENERAL FUCKERY. You'll get a prompt before every battle to save.
  • (Bugfix) Achievement sound should only play the first time you unlock the achievement.
  • (Bugfix) Chris route ending 1 choice was busted, oops!
  • (Bugfix) Check for completing all battles in the Chris route should work properly now.
  • (Bugfix) Dismiss key works to dismiss the end results screen now.
  • (Bugfix) Taking a photo of magical girl Kiane at certain points no longer crashes the game.
  • (Hotfix) Arim wad of bills damage nerfed.


Pizza Game Demo 97 MB
Version 1.2.0 Sep 07, 2019
Pizza Game 168 MB
Version 1.2.0 Sep 07, 2019

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