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Pizza Game!

Every boy has a secret. One of them is bones! · By plasterbrain


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Update 1.4.0 ⁠— "Crouching Roobit, Hidden Sensei"
Hello pizzas! Starting in version 1.4.0 (this one btw DUH get a brain), any time spent in the game will allow you to randomly earn Roobit Snacks! When you have...
1 file — 1.4.0
Update 1.3.0 ⁠— "Now the gloves are off!"
Hi hi, demo people! Really sorry about saves not working in the demo version for the last patch due to the way Chris RPG battles now handle saving. It's fixed w...
2 files — 1.3.0
Patch 1.2.1
Hi, I broke the photo function. It's fixed now...
2 files — 1.2.1
Every boy has a secret. One of them is bones!
Patch 1.2.0 — "Remember to take your meds"
I have a confession to make. All of you have already played Pizza Game. It was so bad that once you finished it, you went in for experimental brain surgery to p...
2 files — 1.2.0
Update 1.1.0 — "Post-Con Depression"
Pizza Game Demo version 1.1.0 is now available. The full version is out tomorrow! Patch notes Game actually uses the intended save folder now, so Cloud Saves sh...
1 file — 1.1.0
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Hello pizzas, Even though Pizza Game is perfect game, there is chance you may find a bug or other problem in it. Thesse...
started by plasterbrain Aug 28, 2019
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I completed the ending where you destroy mother by killing everyone and now I cant go back. Is there a way to reset the...
started by Pizza_fan Aug 05, 2020
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much better idea than throwin my $100 bill in the trash. thx for the advice on that one devs. would recommend
started by ytiddo Nov 14, 2019
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So I'm playing the demo and this game is the funniest thing ever?? Whoever wrote this is seriously a genius I can't get...
started by SlyBalto Nov 11, 2019
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